The Motts were always gracious hosts, often welcoming friends, family and community members into their home. The first space a guest would enter was the light-filled Entrance Hall with painted plaster walls and honed marble floors. Among the Italian antique furnishings hangs a large sculpture of C.S. Mott by famed local artist Marshall Fredericks given to Ruth Rawlings Mott by the artist himself in 1979.

This black and white photo shows sculptor, Marshall Fredericks putting the finishing touches on sculptures that were the original models for what was to become gold medals. The medals were awarded by the GM Cancer Research Foundation to the winners of three international prizes for individual achievement in cancer research.  Fredericks sculpts the original models life size in a special non-drying oil-based clay at his Detroit studios, prior to reduction to medallion size.

Medals depict photos of: C.S. Mott, Charles Kettering and Alfred P. Sloan.